WWE Superstar Dwayne Johnson The Rock' Awed by STL

  • Wrestling superstar Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson has been awed by the prowess of Kenyan musician Stella Mwangi popularly known as STL.

    The Hollywood star took to social media to express astonishment in a song written by the rapper for HBO series ‘Ballers’.

    STL’s song is in one of the episodes of Ballers and The Rock posted it on his timeline, thanking her for a punchline that played around his name.

    Oh Lord look what I got though No Dwayne but I Rock thoughthe Norwegian-based rapper sang.

    The rapper was smitten to have been acknowledged by such a big name in the entertainment industry.

    When The Rock gives u a shout out, Shout out to my Producers” reposted STL.

    The Kenyan-Norwegian hip-hop artist, singer, songwriter and rapper was born on September 1,, 1986, in Muranga County.

    Her family relocated to Norway in 1991.

    Her work has also been used in films such as American Pie Presents: The Last Mile and Save the Last Dance 2 and also in TV-series such as CSI:NY and Scrubs.

    Apart from winning the Kisima Awards, Clops Awards and Jeermaan Awards she is one of the most popular singers in Norway.

    It all goes back all the way to 2005 when my music was getting scouted by these guys in Hollywood. Getting my music featured inspired me,” she said in a recent interview.