President Uhuru Unveils New Police Uniform for General Duty Officers

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday unveiled a new uniform for the newly created police unit.

    Speaking during the National Police Summit, the president stated that the new uniforms will help in identifying the police officers.

    The new uniforms are navy blue in colour with the side of the arms donning the word “POLICE” while retaining the blue, yellow, red strips of the police department.

    Together with the new uniforms, Uhuru merged the Regular Police and Administration Police (AP) into a new unit referred to as the General Duty Officers (GD)

    The new unit will comprise of 64,252 officers under the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) with the aim of enhancing security in the country.

    The General Duty officers will be tasked with border security and combating cattle rustling.

    "Wale ambao walikuwa wanafikiria AP hawezi kuwafunga mtaanza kuona AP anakufunga na anakupeleka kortini (Those who thought that the Adminstration Police officers could not arrest you will be shocked to see them arrest you and take you to court)," stated President Uhuru.

    Uhuru emphasized that the police should be aware that the changes are being funded and supported by the Kenyan people.

    He further pointed out that the police should be respected and not feared.

    Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi who was in attendance highlighted that here will be training and re-orientation for the police force so that they are better equipped.

    Matiangi insisted that no police officer will be fired during the implementation of the new changes.