6 Cars Crash Into Each Other Along Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi [PHOTOS]

  • Six cars were on Thursday involved in an accident along Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi.

    The multi-car crash is reported to have occurred near I&M Bank Building junction.

    Police were deployed on the scene to manage traffic.

    Here is the video:

    According to eyewitnesses, a Metro Bus caused the accident when it rammed into vehicles that had stopped at the traffic light.

    No serious injuries have been reported as passengers from the bus could be seen walking out of the vehicle unscathed.

    The private cars that were hit were badly damaged in the crash.

    Here are photos from the accident scene:

    The accident comes days after a feature on a local TV station which showed how blatantly matatus broke traffic rules in the CBD endangering lives of roads users.

    In a disturbing video shared online, a pimped matatu rammed a police vehicle destroying the rear bumper and boot in an apparent road rage before fleeing the scene.

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