Brian Lukano Converts Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel

  • Brian Lukano fuelling his car with biodiesel Citizen Digital
  • Brian Lukano from Dagoretti has shocked the country, by converting used cooking oil into biodiesel that he has christened Zijani- used for fueling his car.

    The process starts by collecting raw material from 70 hotels in and around the city and transporting it to his plant in Kabiria, Dagoretti.

    There, the used cooking oil is pumped into a machine that removes moisture and other impurities. It is then pumped into another machine where it is mixed with methanol and sodium hydroxide for up to 4 hours to produce the biodiesel.

    For best results, he recommends that his customers mix Zijani with conventional diesel using a ratio of 1:4 respectively.

    Brian Lukano

    A source within the company revealed to that they have been using the fuel on a Mazda Bongo car. The distance covered by the car is 20 percent longer when using Zijani as compared to conventional diesel.

    He has hired 5 workers in a plant that has a production capacity of between 180 to 360 litres a day and a storage facility of up to 10,000 litres.

    The company has been licensed to operate by the National Environmental Management Authority, Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute, and other necessary regulators.

    The fuel retails at Sh85 per litre with a Sh15 discount to the hotels that supply him with the raw material. There is a very large market for this, considering the high price of fuel that has been occasioned by the 16% VAT imposed on petroleum products.

    He takes pride that everything collected is recycled or converted into renewable energy. They do this through the network of highly trained manpower coupled with the relevant technology at their conversion plant in Dagoretti.

    Brian took an interest in this concept when it was introduced in class at USIU. Later, with the guidance of his lecturer, he forwarded a proposal to the National Council of Science and Technology (NCST) who funded the research.