Steps Taken After Bill is Rejected by the President

  • Speaker Justin Muturi with President Uhuru Kenyatta File
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday rejected the Financial Bill passed by Parliament to suspend the implementation of the new 16 percent fuel tax on all fuel products.

    Hours after receiving the bill from Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi, the president declined to sign the bill, sending it back to parliament.

    MPs will now hold a special meeting on Tuesday, September 18 to discuss the way forward.

    In most cases where the President rejects a bill, he gives his reservations which are to be debated by lawmakers.

    Kenyan Parliament in session

    According to the Constitution's Article 115, Clause 2-6 on Presidential assent and referral, the following are the procedures taken by Parliament when a bill is rejected:

    2. (a) Amend the Bill in light of the President’s reservations

    (b) Pass the Bill a second time without amendment.

    3. If Parliament amends the Bill fully accommodating the President’s reservations, the appropriate Speaker shall re-submit it to the President for assent.

    4. Parliament, after considering the President’s reservations, may pass the Bill a second time, without amendment, or with amendments that do not fully accommodate the President’s reservations, by a vote supported:

    (a) By two-thirds of members of the National Assembly

    (b) Two-thirds of the delegations in the Senate, if it is a Bill that requires the approval of the Senate.

    5. If Parliament has passed a Bill under the clause (4) of the constitution:

    (a) The appropriate Speaker shall within seven days re-submit it to the President

    (b) The President shall within seven days assent to the Bill.

    6. If the President does not assent to a Bill or refer it back within the period prescribed in clause (1) of the constitution, or assent to it under clause (5) section (b), the Bill shall be taken to have been assented to on the expiry of that period.

    Implementation of the new fuel tax resulted in increased fare charges by a significant amount and costs of basic goods.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the media

    Uhuru is set to address the nation on Friday following consultations on the VAT matter with the leadership of the National Assembly.