2 Killed After Al shabaab Ambush Bus Heading to Garissa

Suspected Al shabaab militants on Friday killed two people after ambushing a bus heading to Hulugho, Garissa county.

Reports indicate the criminals managed to escape before the arrival of military officers.

Sources stated that the driver of the Kilas bus was directed to stop by the criminals who then ordered the passengers to produce their Identification Cards(IDs).

Those present pointed out that the militants picked out three non-locals who were asked to recite the Muslim Shahada and the seven verses of the Suratul Fatiha.

One of the three recited the verses and was set free while the other two had their hands tied before they were executed.

Military police officers responded to the distress call but the criminals had already escaped.

Police officers led by NorthEastern Regional Coordinator Mohamed Birik affirmed that the search for the militants had already started.

“It is unfortunate that we have lost to innocent lives of Kenyans. I want to assure that going forward, such an incident will not happen again,” remarked the regional coordinator.

The attack comes a month after another incident were five buses were ambushed by suspected Al-Shabaab militants.

The incident that occurred along Garsen-Lamu road at Nyongoro left two police officers who were escorting the buses with injuries after being shot by the criminals.

This was seen as an act of retaliation after the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) destroyed six Al shabaab transit camps in Boni Forest.

Boni Enclave Campaign director Joseph Kanyiri confirmed the attack adding that the camps were used as a planning base for terrorist attacks.

In August, three people were killed and others injured after suspected Al Shabaab militants attacked a bus along the Garsen-Lamu Highway.

Reports indicated that the killed were boda-boda riders and the bus was attacked at Nyongoro area near Witu

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