Kibra MP Ken Okoth Crafts New Bill Seeking to Decriminalize Marijuana

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  • Kibera MP Ken Okoth on Friday wrote to the Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi concerning a proposal to decriminalize the growth and use of marijuana in the country.

    Okoth sought help in crafting the Marijuana Control Bill 2018, noting that he already has a working draft.

    Under his proposal, amnesty measures would be instituted for the expunging of criminal records against those with previous marijuana use convictions.

    Okoth further proposed a regulatory framework for growth and safe use of marijuana and hemp.

    He noted that growers, manufacturers, producers and users would all be registered.

    Kibra MP Ken Okoth

    In addition, Okoth proposed that efforts be made to shield minors from illicit marijuana use as is currently done with alcohol and cigarettes.

    The proposal further calls for research and policy development focusing on growth and use of marijuana and hemp for medical, textile, industrial and recreational purposes.

    The marijuana industry, Okoth stated, also needs ‘progressive taxation measures to boost the economic independence of Kenya’.

    He explained that decriminalization would lead to job creation at all levels in the value addition chain for marijuana and hemp.

    Calls to legalize marijuana in Kenya have grown louder in recent years, with various experts and activists coming out to support decriminalization of the drug.

    Among them are economist David Ndii and Professor Gwada Ogot.

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