New Tax on Water That Will Affect Nairobi Residents

  • Nairobi residents are set to pay more for water in the event of a new tax being implemented.

    A Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company official, speaking on condition of anonymity, divulged that a new levy could be introduced on the water supplied to the city.

    The official, however, declined to reveal the percentage of the new levy.

    This comes after the proposal made by Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria to have a 25 per cent levy on the revenue from the water generated from Ndakaini dam.

    According to the governor, the money from the tax should be paid to the farmers in his county instead of the government.

    Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata had insisted that the revenue should be raised to 40 per cent to enable conservation of the environment in order to sustain the supply of the water.

    Kang’ata explained that he had reached out to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation CS Simon Chelugi in writing to convene a meeting between the county government assembly, water companies and the national government.

    “We have to fight for revenue sharing for our water, but I don’t support the fighting we’ve been seeing,” remarked the senator.

    Majority Leader Eric Kamande stated that a meeting between the MCAs and residents of Murang’a is set to take place this week in regards to drafting a bill to regulate the water sector.

    Acting Speaker for Nairobi County Chege Mwaura, sent a delegation to Murang’a to discuss the matter and have a progress report sent to him.

    “I believe it is important that we engage our colleagues in the Murang’a County assembly to find a lasting solution,” stated Mwaura.

    Governor Wa Iria revealed that the completion of the Northern Collector tunnel in 2019 will facilitate the channeling of approximately one billion litres of water from Murang’a to Nairobi.