Melania Trump to Visit Five Places in Nairobi

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  • United States First Lady Melania Trump is expected in Kenya on Friday as part of her Africa tour that started on Tuesday when she landed in Accra, Ghana.

    Upon arrival in Nairobi, she will be expected to visit State House as her first stop. Melania will hold a brief meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

    After the talks, the US First Lady has been scheduled to visit the US Embassy in Nairobi wrapping up the only closed-door engagements on her visit.

    Preparations are underway at the Kenya National Theater where she is expected to watch a performance by Sarakasi dancers.

    The Sarakasi crew shall present a creative piece depicting a ghetto kid who rises to fame and a group of children is also listed to entertain her on Friday.

    Sarakasi crew in action PHOTO/

    The Sarakasi performance shall be featuring a story of a young Kenyan girl growing in a low-income settlement area in the middle of challenges but shines to stardom.

    First Lady Margaret Kenyatta will also be in attendance, accompanying Melania to the theatre to watch the Sakata play.

    Kenya Wildlife Service headquarters are also anticipating a visit by the US First Lady as she takes a tour of four African countries.

    Melania's visit shall also highlight her passion for wildlife and conservation as she takes a trip to the Nairobi National Park in one of the animal orphanages where she will adopt an animal.

    Melania will also visit Malawi and Egypt.

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