Contradicting Information Jowie's Parents Told During TV Interview

  • Parents of Joseph Irungu, the main suspect in the Monica Kimani murder case, gave contradicting information during an interview on NTV where their faces were hidden for anonymity purposes.

    During the interview which was aired on Sunday night, Irungu's father stated that his mother called him on phone to inform him that Jowie had been arrested.

    "I remember his mother called me on phone. I was working and was not anywhere near a TV. She told me Joe had been arrested…We tried calling him but his phone was off," the father stated.

    However, the mother gave a different account of events stating that she did not call Jowie's father to inform him of his son's arrest for fear that he might faint since they had left their son in hospital.

    Jowie's parents also claimed that the police narrative of what happened in the run-up to Monica's death and after the tragedy was not accurate after all.

    Irungu’s father stated that he knew his son was working in Dubai but dismissed allegations on several platforms which alleged that Jowie had worked in Afghanistan.

    The father told NTV journalist Dennis Okari that he asked Jowie severally if he had murdered Monica Kimani and the son adamantly refused. 

    "He was not involved in the murder. According to the way we brought him up because we are Christians, I feel terrible and sympathise with the family of Monica," Jowie's father stated.

    The parents also gave different accounts on how they were informed by Jowie about his engagement to TV journalist Jacque Maribe.

    On his part, Irungu's father told Okari that he found out about the plans via a phone call but the mother stated that he went home and informed them of his plans to engage Maribe.

    Jowie's mother further stated that Jowie had no plans of getting married to Maribe immediately because he was planning to start his business.

    The mother also stated that they were not introduced to Maribe in person but his son told her to watch Citizen TV on Friday night to see Jacque.

    She also dismissed claims that Jowie had picked Monica Kimani from the airport.

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