Susan Kihika Selected Bureau of Women Parliamentarians President

  • Susan Kihika when she was Nakuru County Assembly Speaker Facebook
  • Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has been selected as President of the Bureau of Women Parliamentarians owing to a vacancy in the office.

    The Nakuru Senator has been serving as the first Vice President after she was elected in March 2018.

    The bureau is part of the larger Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) which is a global organisation comprising 178 national parliaments.

    Bureau of Women Parliamentarians

    As President, she will join the Executive Committee of the IPU that oversees its administration and makes recommendations to the Governing Council.

    She will head 29 women in the bureau, six of whom represent African countries.

    The Senate Majority Chief Whip’s political fortune started when she was elected the first speaker of Nakuru County Assembly in 2013.

    The Bureau of Women Parliamentarians makes sure that women’s issues are placed at the very heart of the union’s work.

    The organisation promotes, protects and strengthens democracy around the world by influencing global policies and supporting marginalized communities.

    One of the goals of the IPU is to build fair and inclusive societies, where all groups play a full part in the democratic process.

    It is also committed to making a real and positive change to people's lives by building strong national parliaments that can deliver on issues like health, sustainable development, peace, and security.

    Senator Susan Kihika when she was Speaker of Nakuru County Assembly