Mungatana Painfully Explains How He Lost Millions to Cons

Former MP Danson Mungatana admitted he was conned out of a ‘large’ sum in a fake investment oil scheme.

Speaking on Monday to journalists Mungatana stated: “About eight years ago, I lost a lot of money in a fake investment oil scheme that was run by Abdalla Tamba. He [was] later freed in Kenya, which I came to learn when I saw him on TV.”

He further added: “After the police displayed him in public, I submitted myself as they had asked if anyone who had been conned to report to them.”

The former lawmaker explained that the business had cost him a lot of money together with other prominent individuals.

“Abdalla and his partner came and told me to invest money so we would buy oil. The first and second round there was profit, but the third round, the foreigners simply disappeared and went with the money till recently when I saw him arrested," Mungatana noted.

“It was not only me who suffered but there were a lot of prominent people who fell prey to the scheme as it seemed genuine,” he added.

He further dismissed reports doing rounds on social media that he was conned by a witch doctor who promised to multiply his money to make him an overnight billionaire.

“My mother taught me to work hard. An accident can happen to anyone as crimes do not respect [people]. If someone suffers such a thing, don’t shame the victim,” Mungatana remarked.

Reports appearing in a section of the media claim Mr Mungatana was defrauded a whopping Ksh76 million. 

However, during the presser, Mungatana refused to state the exact amount he lost, but said it was a "huge amount of money."

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