EACC Commissions National Integrity Academy

The government, through the Anti-corruption, commissioned a college that shall offer the general public training in ethics in a bid to curb corruption.

The state approved the establishment of the college dubbed National Integrity Academy, to provide anti-corruption and good governance training sessions for local and external EACC clients.

On Tuesday, EACC announced that the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority had approved the establishment of the program.

Speaking during the launch of the academy on Wednesday, EACC boss Eliud Wabukala stated that the institution is an anti-corruption entity to empower the public, public officers and non-state actors with requisite anti-corruption, ethics and integrity knowledge.

He further indicated that the academy shall reengineer attitude, skills, and competencies to combat and prevent corruption, economic crime and other forms of unethical practices.

"The institution shall be key in the execution of the EACC mandate through integrity and good governance conferences, workshops and seminars thus providing opportunities for networking in partnerships in the fight against corruption," stated Wabukala.

The academy officially launched at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) offer courses as Corruption Prevention in Supply Chain Management Course and Corruption Prevention in Public Sector Financial Management Course.

It will also have an intake for professionals who shall train on Ethics and Integrity in learning institutions and the larger education sector.


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