Cliff Ombeta Explains Why Lawyers Fear Justice Jessie Lesiit

  • High Court Judge Jessie Lesiit has built a reputation for herself as a no-nonsense judge with no interest in adulation.

    Justice Lesiit unapologetically handed the death sentence to Lang'ata Prison's beauty queen Ruth Kamande, a ruling that earned her applause and hate in equal measure.

    She justified her decision with a firm, "young people should know it is not cool to kill your boyfriend or girlfriend."

    According to Lawyer Cliff Ombeta, the judge commands respect and fear from lawyers who stand in her courtroom.

    "She is a very tough and straightforward judge, she gives all the sides an equal opportunity, in fact, a majority of my colleagues fear her," the lawyer stated.

    He added that Justice Lesiit is beyond compromise, describing her to be as straight as an arrow.

    In addition, Ombeta highlighted that she has a respectable knowledge of the law which intimidates lawyers.

    "You can't go to her courtroom unprepared. She is tough but very fair. Even if you have substance you have to justify whatever you say in court.

    "Many lawyers dread her chambers. She understands the law and so you can't try to present half-baked theories in her courtroom," he explained.

    A prosecutor who has worked closely with the judge described her as a private person with limited close associates outside work premises. 

    Justice Lesiit recently stepped down from hearing the Monica Kimani murder case where journalist Jacque Maribe and her lover Joseph Jowie Irungu are named as prime suspects.

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