Namibian President Shortens Speech to Celebrate Uhuru, Raila, Ruto

  • Namibian President Hage Geingob on Mashujaa Day cut short his speech shortly after he called President Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy William Ruto and Opposition leader Raila Odinga to join him at the podium.

    President Geingob's speech was much shorter than expected as he only took the opportunity to celebrate the leaders.

    "My aim was to bring greetings but afterwards I have seen that I am touched. Firstly I believe in saying that inclusivity spells harmony, exclusivity spells conflict.

    "Today I am standing here a very proud African to have witnessed my brothers here both of whom I know very well. I knew Mzee Kenyatta and I also knew double O (Oginga Odinga)," the president outlined.

     He thereafter invited the president and the former Prime Minister as well as DP Ruto to join him at the podium where they all held hands.

    "My speech will simply be inviting these two and the vice president to come up here.

    "My whole speech is ending here, the other one I will distribute. I am impressed by what I have seen in terms of development in the city and more so, what I saw on the television.

    "These two went on television and this one said he is my brother and the other likewise. I did not believe but I came and I have seen it, it is true," he stated.

    The Namibian president went on to congratulate the two leaders for their show of solidarity and commended them to continue in their great vision for the nation.