Churchill Show's MCA Tricky Joins Radio Maisha

The Standard Media group's Radio Maisha is set to unveil Churchill Show's top comedian as a presenter joining its breakfast show team. has reliably confirmed that Comedian MCA Tricky, whose real name is Francis Nyamasyo Munyao will make his debut at the station on Monday, October 22, 2018.

MCA Tricky, a former street boy, known for his style on the stage with a baggy grey coat, red shirt, and a three-quarter navy blue trouser, will now give listeners at least 2 hours of radio comedy.

Radio Maisha's breakfast show presenter Billy Miya on Sunday confirmed the move saying he will be working with the comedian on the Maisha Asubuhi program.

"It is official, MCA Tricky has joined us in the morning show, he will be going live starting tomorrow. He will be going on air for two hours split into a 6-7am segment and the additional hour will be starting at 9:00 am. We will be three on the show," stated the presenter.

MCA Tricky was born in Mombasa County, Makindu area, as the last born in a humble family of four. He was enrolled at Ikungu Primary School in Makindu, where he sat for his KCPE in 2004, aged 12, but could not proceed to high school.

It is at this point that a number of his friends approached him with a deal, convincing him to join them in Nairobi, promising him a better life away from the poor family but this did not materialize.

After hopping from one city friend's house to the other, he found life in the City unbearable. He was edged out, with hunger forcing him to go to the streets where he spent at least 3 years.

It is his street life at Nairobi’s Saika Estate along Kangundo Road that spawned his persona that revolves around portraying the livelihood and stories of Nairobi street boys which later propelled him to stardom.

In an interview with Eve Woman early this year, MCA Tricky admitted that on several occasions, he "sniffed glue, smoked bang and got involved in crimes such as pick-pocketing and mugging," noting that he did all these to survive in the city.

A life-changing opportunity came knocking the moment some members of a set books crew dubbed Barikiwa Set Book Group, approached him for an acting role. He joined the team and shortly after was able to meet Churchill Show's Prof Hamo at the Carnivore Grounds, holding his hand to the start of his exemplary career at Africa's greatest comedy platform.

When asked whether comedy pays his bills, early in January this year, MCA Tricky told a local magazine that; "Yes, comedy pays well and my brand demands a six-figure performance fee."