Ex-NTV Actor Earns a Living From YouTube Through Ajaabu TV and Comic Channel

  • In 2013, Ajaabu Comedian, an actor in the then Kajairo inspired NTV show dubbed Pranksters could barely take home Ksh6,000 in a month, but he has found a new hope as an upcoming YouTube personality.

    In November 2015, when curtains fell for the Pranksters where Kajairo worked as an executive producer, Ajaabu whose real name is Shaffie Chemasuet a trained journalist moved to K24’s Utani show as a cameraman for six months.

    He was later in November that year hired as a producer at KUTv when the thought of starting his own YouTube channel crossed his mind.

    Shaffie started his YouTube channel, Ajaabu TV, as a side hustle, not knowing he will earn Ksh600,000 income from Google.

    Kenyans.co.ke verified that this year alone, the revenue from his news channel has already hit Ksh343,035 despite  the stiff competition from digital mainstream media platforms.

    He also runs the Ajaabu Comedy, a brand he runs separately as a wisecracker for comics with a few crew members who aid in his content production.

    "When we were working with Pranksters, I was getting about Ksh6,000 a month after working for close to 12 hours. It was not even guaranteed given the payments solely depended on the number of ideas one could generate and have executed. The earnings could be lower than that," recalls Shaffie.

    In its first week, the YouTube channel earned over 1,000 subscribers, a growth he attributes to good and consistent approaches to production and uploading content on YouTube.

    "It is easier getting subscribers when you have good and content. Most people are turned away when you keep changing your content. If you’re consistent, then you will realize there is money on YouTube," says Shaffie.

    He obtains most of his content from journalists who mostly give away what cannot be carried by the mainstream media. Occasionally, he also covers news events on his own using his GH4 Camera, acquired at Ksh180,000 partly from his YouTube revenue.

    Shaffie currently works as a producer at KUTv where he helps run the Muslim show called Amaanah ya Kiislam and the Qasidah Anibia -Muslim music.

    Below is a video of some of the works done by the actor on his YouTube: