NTV's Trevor Ombija Rescues Driver After Grisly Accident [PHOTO]

  • NTV news crew rescued a driver who was stuck in his truck after an accident on Monday morning.

    According to Swahili anchor Doreen Majala, the accident occurred at Ehedwe, Mbale in Vihiga County.

    The NTV team witnessed the accident as they were on their way back to Nairobi from Kakamega County and when they saw the driver stuck, Trevor Ombija helped in getting him out of the truck.

    "Pongezi mwenzangu @TrevorOmbija kwa ujasiri wa kumtoa dereva wa trela hii eneo la ajali. Dan mule, Zeynab Ismail na kikosi cha @ntvkenya kwa ujasiri," Majala stated.

    "Nimeshuhudia nikaishiwa nguvu miguuni. Nawatakia afueni dereva na kondakta (congrats to my colleague @TrevorOmbija for being brave and removing the driver of the trailer at the accident scene. Dan mule, Zeynab Ismail and the NTV Kenya crew for their bravery. What I witnessed made my legs weak. I wish the driver and conductor a quick recovery," she added.

    Doreen stated that the driver and his conductor of the truck, which was ferrying rice, were receiving treatment in hospital.

    She also admonished Kenyans for not helping the injured but instead, rushed the steal the bags of rice which were in the truck.

    "Wakenya tukomeshe Ushenzi na Kiburi. Kikosi cha NTV barabarani mashahidi wa kwanza tulikimbilia kuokoa waliokuwa ndani huku baadhi ya wakenya wenzetu wakiiba mchele (Kenyans let's top being stupid and proud. The NTV crew witnessed the accident and we ran to rescue those involved but fellow Kenyans were stealing rice)," the journalist observed.

    This is not the first time that Kenyans have failed to help rescue people after accidents but instead turn to loot in some instances even petroleum products which are a high risk.

    The Sachang’wan tragedy, should have served as a lesson after close to 100 people were burnt to death but Kenyans haven't heeded the call to stop looting at accident scenes which is illegal.

    Here is a video of Kenyans looting from the Vihiga accident scene