Richard Quest Raises Major Concerns About Kenya During Interview

  • Richard Quest talking at an interview at Capital Fm Twitter
  • CNN journalist Richard Quest on Tuesday gave his opinion about some of the issues affecting Kenya during his first interview in the country.

    He was talking to Capital Fm’s Maqbul Mohammed when he spoke about Kenya’s stability and certainty being crucial in the government's investment programs.

    "Africa is rising, but it is always rising. You know why? It's because it lacks stability." he explained.

    Richard Quest with Macqbul Mohammed

    Quest described Kenya as a wonderful place to do business until the country has an election when we experience slow economic growth.

    He insisted that investors like to know that there will be peace, security and stability of policy before and after elections.

    The celebrated journo took note of Kenya’s vibrant and thriving economy by asking Kenyans to take advantage of the country’s potential to do business as well as the increased funding for businesses in Africa. 

    He condemned the rampant graft in the country by stating that "If you want to run a clean business you have to have policies that govern against bribery and corruption."

    On aviation matters, he warned the government against meddling in the affairs of the national carrier Kenya Airways for it to prosper

    This has been seen in other countries like Ethiopia and South Africa. This can also happen to the pride of Africa,” advised Quest.

    The Quest Means Business presenter will go live from the country on the inaugural Kenya Airways flight to New York on October 28.

    Richard Quest talking at an interview on Capital Fm