Nairobi Traffic Leaves Richard Quest Confused

  • Richard quest with radio presenter Shaffie Weru at CJ's Koinange Street in Nairobi Daily Nation
  • Quest Means Business host Richard Quest currently in Nairobi on Wednesday shared his observations on the city's notorious traffic.

    The CNN host noted that new traffic lights installed at various round-abouts remain switched off as the flow of traffic is still controlled by police.

    Quest further termed the city's gridlocks as 'extra-ordinary'.

    "The roundabouts have new traffic lights; which are usually switched off.

    "Instead A policeman directs the traffic flow. The jams are extraordinary," he wrote.

    An image of a Nairobi traffic jam shared by Richard Quest

    In another chronicle of his trip published by a local daily, he termed the traffic as the only constant in his visit while describing Nairobi as 'open and liberal'.

    "I have so appreciated the opportunity to take on tough topics here in Kenya – it isn’t the case everywhere in the world, and it’s a positive sign.

    "Being able to say what you want, to tackle taboos and confront issues is so important for a country. Put simply, it is good for people, and good for business," Quest wrote.

    Among other things, Quest will cover the inaugural Kenya Airways direct flight from Nairobi to New York.

    His show will be live on CNN  from Nairobi on Thursday and Friday.

    A Kenya Airways plane