Kenyans React To Justice Wakiaga Calling Joseph Irungu AKA Jowie a Woman Eater

  • Justice James Wakiaga’s unexpected description of Joseph Irungu aka Jowie has caused ripples on social networks.

    While hearing Jowie's bail application, Justice Wakiaga referred to the first accused as a male version of a slay queen and a woman eater.

    The picture that emerges from the prosecution’s evidence as set out here-in-above and the pre-bail report of the accused is that he’s a male version of a slay queen which for lack of better terminology I’ll call a woman-eater,” he stated.

    Some netizens have accused the judge of prejudice and asked for his recusal from the case.

    Rading Akinyi tweeted that, "Justice Wakiaga should face a disciplinary panel. He has compromised the integrity & trust of the Court."

    Many argued that his personal opinion of an accused should not have been made public.

    She added that "He has already ruled against Joseph Irungu even before the case has been argued before him. Wrong."

    Echoing the sentiment, Omwami Manoah added “Honestly that was harsh. I mean, we already know that. He is a Judicial officer and as such he ought to operate from a neutral position."

    Austin Musamari defended Wakiaga saying that "It was the opinion of the prosecution that Jowie is a slay queen with no known address and therefore should not get bail.. not his!"

    However, some took it on a light note commenting that the judge's description was the only sentence that Jowie needed.

    Jowie is being prosecuted for the murder of Monica Kimani who was found dead in her apartment in Kililimani.

    Watch Justice Wakiaga's description below.