KCSE Candidate Exposes WhatsApp Group Distributing Exam Leakage

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  • A KSCE candidate was on Thursday arrested after being caught with leakage to the ongoing examinations.

    Police reports indicated that Abshir Mohamed of Saad Secondary School, was nabbed with the Chemistry paper and the answer booklet to the exam.

    The question paper, together with the answers, were contained in a phone he had managed to sneak into the examination room.

    Students during an exam

    Further analysis of the phone revealed that Mohamed had current materials for English Paper three.

    The officers discovered that the 22-year-old student was part of a WhatsApp group that had 70 participants which was used to distribute the leakages.

    The phone, however, belonged to Abshir Abdi Amin, based on the name registered to the sim card.

    Nancy Murithi, who is the centre supervisor, explained that she reacted after she noticed how uncomfortable Mohamed was while writing his paper.

    She approached the student and impounded the device which he had sneaked into the centre in his private parts.

    Mohammed was taken to Pangani Police Station where he will be arraigned in court on Friday.

    In a different incident, 19 candidates at Oloolaiser High School were arrested after going on strike on Thursday night.

    The students recorded statements at Ngong Police Station and are set to be charged after the examinations.

    Police Station in Nairobi

    The reason for the strike was not established.