Governors Eat With Knives While Blindfolded

  • Kenyan Governors on Tuesday tried devouring platefuls while blindfolded in an effort to raise disability awareness.

    In videos posted on their social media pages, the governors could be seen reaching for utensils, including knife and folk, by hand while their eyes were fully covered.

    This was an experiment sought to demystify visual disability aimed at letting the visually abled to experience the world through the eyes of the visually disabled.

    Among those who attended the event included Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru, her Kericho counterpart Paul Chepkwony and Reverend Chris Owuor among others.

    This experiment seeks to demystify visual disability and allow the visually able an opportunity to walk in the shoes of the visually disabled,” read a tweet from the Council of Governors.

    They were attending a conference duped Inclusive Devolution Kenyan.

    Appreciating the challenge, some of the attendees expressed their gratitude and respect to the physically handicapped.

    For the first time I was able to understand the saying we don’t see with our eyes. This was a very brilliant concept because for sure I was able to walk a mile in the shoes of the visually challenged,” remarked Gov. Chepkwony shortly after the challenge.

    This is a learning process and I am finding it very challenging. To be honest, I had to remove my blindfold to answer the phone,” expressed Rev. Owuor.

    "This day is very special to me. The Kenyan society is changing, when I was growing up no one was bothered with the disabled. Working with the disabled was viewed as charity. But with steps like this launch there is hope for us,” stated disability rights activist Reginald Oduo.