#NRGTakeover Cash Give-Away Throws Kenyans Into a Frenzy

  • Christmas is known to be the gifting season and the Santa Claus memories are engraved in all our minds.

    But unlike the fairy Father Christmas tales, Kenyan radio listeners are set for the biggest radio give-away campaign courtesy of NRG Radio.

    Lucky listeners are set to win cash prizes amounting to hundreds of thousands by solving a puzzle.

    The NRG Breakfast Club presenters Kamene Goro, Andrew Kibe and DJ Kace have been broadcasting from a secret location.

    To win the cash prize, fans are only required to guess the location where the trio is hosting the show from.

    Listeners type their answers through the NRG Radio website with the correct guess winning the preceding cash prize.

    By its fourth day, the NRG treasure hunt had grown by leaps and bounds to a staggering Kshs 450,000 from the Kshs 100,000 prize offered on its first day.

    During every show of the day, clues are hinted to help the listeners trace the trio and walk away with the cash prize.

    Before the subsequent show kicks off, a figure is announced to raise the stake until the ultimate super fan gets their exact location.

    This means the cash prize may soon run into millions given that no one has correctly guessed Kamene, Kibe and DJ Kace’s location so far.

    Since its launch in March 2018, NRG Radio 91.3 FM has grown to command a wide listeners base especially due to its unique targeting of youth culture and music lovers in Kenya and Africa.

    The radio offers a fused radio, digital and visual experience through its channels 91.3FM (Nairobi), 98.4FM (Eldoret), 96.3FM (Mombasa), 94.8FM (Kisumu) and 93.5FM (Nakuru) or www.nrg.radio.

    Christmas comes once in a year and the #NRGTakeover cash giveaway may be what will make your 2018 memorable.