2 Rearrested as 6 Remandees Escape from Moving Police Vehicle

  • Six remandees on Thursday escaped by jumping out of a moving police vehicle in Migori County as two of them were re-arrested.

    The remandees were being transported from the Rongo Law Courts to Migori GK Prison when the incident took place.

    They hopped out of the vehicle at Stella in Uriri before running towards a nearby sugarcane plantation.

    The re-arrested duo was found deep in the plantation after a rigorous search over several hours by police officers.

    Migori County Police Commander Joseph Nthenge confirmed that four of the remandees were still at large.

    Noting that they escaped while still in handcuffs, Nthenge appealed to the public to volunteer any information that could lead to the remandees' arrest.

    He further announced that more officers had been deployed to search for the remandees.

    Nthenge remained confident that they would re-arrest the four who, it was stated, could be dangerous.

    Several cases of prisoners and remandees escaping from police custody have been reported this year.

    Most recently, an inmate managed to make his way out of Nyeri Medium Prison in October.

    “He was serving a short sentence and some are allowed to work under guard outside the prison. That is how he escaped,” Central Deputy Regional Prisons boss Stephen Kiplagat explained.