Nairobians React to Governor Mike Sonko’s Greetings After Matatu Ban

  • Nairobians took to Facebook to express their distaste for Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s greetings after he banned matatus from accessing the CBD.
    Amid the crisis that saw thousands of passengers walk for long distances to different matatu termini, Sonko took to Facebook and just stated, "Good morning."
    Many saw the greetings as distasteful and a way to mock them after they endured long walks to get to their places of work.
    The matatu ban, which took effect on November 2, 2018, gave most commuters a long morning with most trekking from as far as City Stadium to Ngara to find matatus.

    Many wondered what was so good about the morning after the ban that saw many complain.
    “Does the morning look good to you? Why are you mistreating the very people who voted you in?” one netizen asked the Governor.
    Others took the moment to condemn Sonko for implementing the ban in a hasty and unplanned manner.
    “This is not a well thought out plan. Continue dividing people today there is a huge gap between the haves and the have not. How do you solve a problem by creating a problem,” another netizen expressed.
    More reminded the governor that the move to ban matatus from the CBD would continue bridging the gap between the rich the poor pointing out that he could have banned private vehicles instead.
    A number of Sonko supporters, however, commended Sonko expressing that the ban would see Kenyans have a chance to exercise thus reducing obesity.

    The move to ban matatus from CBD is in Sonko’s Agenda to enhance decongestion from the city centre.