How State House Official Fired Kenya Pipeline MD Joe Sang

  • Kenya Pipeline Managing Director Joe Sang, a close ally of Deputy President William Ruto was reportedly sent packing by a State House official.

    According to The Star, Sang was to either resign from the board to facilitate investigations into multi-million shillings scandals or face arrest.

    The man, who allegedly frequents the DP's offices at Harambee House Annex and his Karen residence, settled for the former. 

    "He was given the two choices and asked to choose one. He chose to resign in the hope that he would not be investigated or arrested," a board member was quoted.

    It is, however, not clear whether the State House official had instructions from President Uhuru Kenyatta to issue the ultimatum.

    Sang handed in his resignation letter that the board readily accepted.

    In an unlikely twist of events, the board immediately invited the DCI to investigate a number of issues.

    Furthermore, the board announced that it will undertake a forensic audit of some major controversial projects.

    Following a special board meeting on Tuesday which was attended by all KPC directors but one, the chairman John Ngumi indicated the board decided to invite the DCI to probe the loss of 11 million litres of fuel under Sang’s watch.

    There has been pressure from oil marketing firms demanding to conduct their own forensic audit to check the accuracy of stock statements issued by KPC.

    In a previous explanation, the management claimed that 11,646 million litres of fuel were lost, through spillage of 5,956 million litres and pilferage of 5.69 million others, between March 2017 and May 2018.

    "The issue is not whether the contract allows KPC leakage of 0.25 per cent of fuel transported. The issue is whether that fuel was genuinely lost, or whether it was siphoned off," an industry insider posed.