Residents Scramble for Fuel as Pipeline Leaks in Kisumu

  • Residents engaged in a deadly scramble for fuel on Friday following a pipeline leak near Kondele along the Kibos-Kisumu highway.

    Soon after the leak was noticed, several people arrived on the scene armed with plastic containers which they used to store it.

    They scooped as much of the flowing fuel as they could before police officers finally arrived on the scene.

    The officers managed to disperse the growing crowd as the leaked fuel posed a serious safety threat.

    Officials from the Kenya Pipeline Corporation (KPC) later arrived as well and began conducting an inspection.

    [caption caption="A KPC installation"][/caption]

    They sought to establish the cause of the leak which area residents noticed in the afternoon.

    A Police representative told that officers arrived soon after they were informed of the situation and secured the area as they waited for experts from KPC.

    "Officers from the Administration Police and the senior officers from Kisumu county are already there. The situation is being monitored very closely," he revealed.

    In 2017, KPC attributed another leak on its Nakuru-Kisumu line to an illegal connection by an oil marketer.

    A network of pipes was found leading to a petrol station located 100 metres away from the line.

    [caption caption="KPC Managing Director Joe Sang"][/caption]