Governor Ferdinand Waititu Clashes With Gathoni wa Muchomba In Front of President Uhuru

  • Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu on Wednesday lost his cool in front of President Uhuru Kenyatta after some altercation with Woman Representative Gathoni wa Muchomba.

    The Head of State had toured Kiambu County where he visited the Mamacare Addiction Recovery Centre at Wangunyu, Kiambu County.

    However, trouble began when Waititu and Wamuchomba took credit following the successful rehabilitation of alcohol addicts in the County.

    Wamuchomba, who has approached the vice through medical interventions and psycho-social support services, criticised Waititu for paying addicts Ksh400 per day in a bid to keep them away from the vice.

    "Mheshimiwa Rais, hawa vijana hawanipendi. Hawanipendi kwa sababu huwa nasema watibiwe kabla wapewe pesa (Your Excellency, these youth don't like me because I oppose the dishing out of handouts before rehabilitation," Wamuchomba began her address.

    She, however, promised that she would use funds from the GAF kitty to buy the youths rehabilitated through Waititu's program machine and equipment so they could start their own jobs.

    The remarks nevertheless appeared to have irked the county boss who responded immediately Gathoni handed the microphone back to him.

    "Vile sisi tunapata mshahara ya mamilioni, ata hawa wakipata Ksh400 na wanafagia mitaro, si mbaya (Just like the way we earn millions of money, there is nothing wrong in giving these addicts Ksh400 and have them sweep the streets)," Waititu stated.

    From that point, the Governor went on a rant that lasted over five minutes defending his approach to the drugs and alcohol addiction menace.

    When a National Government administrators and another official approached Waititu in a bid to calm him down, he could hear none of it as he outrightly told them off throwing his arm in the air in disapproval.

    Citing his rise in the political career from a Ward Representative to an MP and now a Governor, Waititu quipped, "Why do people like playing around with me, don't they understand that I am a seasoned politician?".

    Here is the video: