DPP Noordin Haji Outlines Move to Tackle Mobile Money Fraud, Cyber-crime

  • Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji on Tuesday outlined measures required to effectively combat increased mobile money fraud and  cyber-crime.

    Haji asserted that greater efforts were needed from all players to ensure the fraudsters were dealt with as they constantly devise new malicious schemes.

    He further stated the changes that were required in governance and law enforcement agencies to equip them to take on today's advanced fraudsters.

    While noting that structures to prosecute the criminals were in place, Haji acknowledged that it was imperative to step up training of officers and sharing of intelligence among various security agencies on fraud cases that see Kenyans lose millions every year.

    “There is need to include critical components of mobile money and fraud prevention strategy in order to collaboratively fight this crime which is evolving by the day,” he noted.

    Haji spoke at the fourth Mobile Money Fraud Forum organized by Safaricom which involves stakeholders in finance and technology coming together to find ways to deal with mobile money fraud.

    Safaricom  Chief Corporate Security Officer Nicholas Mulila noted that the telco had made significant progress in stemming losses from mobile money fraud over the past year.

    “We have made significant progress in the last one year, with mobile money losses moving from Sh90 million down to Sh20 million this year.

    "We will continue to collaborate with investigative arms of government to ensure that we seal all loopholes that may expose our customers to criminals,” he stated.

    Mulila explained that the drop in losses from mobile money fraud was due to sustained efforts to strengthen controls and increase collaboration with stakeholders.