CS Amina Mohamed Postpones New Curriculum Roll Out to 2020

  • Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed on Saturday postponed the roll out for the new curriculum to 2020.

    Speaking over the debated issue, the CS revealed that her ministry had extended its pilot by one more year.

    She explained that the ministry had resorted to the move to allow for the alignment in Education Sector.

    “The new curriculum pilot will continue for another year, postponing the roll out for one more year to allow for alignment in the education sector and kick off in January 2020,” stated Amina.

    This comes hours after President Uhuru Kenyatta summoned the CS over confusion regarding the roll out of the curriculum.

    He called her to a meeting to put her on notice over the confusion created by the botched roll out of the new 2-6-3-3 curriculum.

    The CS told the Senate Education Committee that the ministry was not ready for the roll out and that it was too important to be rushed.

    “The worst thing that can happen is for us to roll out something that we are not all comfortable with. A little discomfort is acceptable but huge discomfort is unacceptable,” she stated.

    Under the 2-6-3-3 system, grade one to nine will mean primary school and grade 10 to 12 will mean secondary learning.

    The new curriculum, which had been slotted to replace the current 8-4-4 system, had earlier been slotted for roll out in 2019.