10 Reasons Why Men Love Dating Single Mothers

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  • There has been a growing number of men who prefer dating single mothers. While most men will first shy away from even getting to know them citing too much drama, some are slowly learning that single mothers actually make the best partners.

    This growing trend may seem peculiar when you first hear about it, but as most men put it, once you get past the misconceptions surrounding these women, you will be hooked for life.

    Here are some valid reasons men give for dating single mothers:

    1. More maturity

    There is something about birthing a child that gives a lady a broader perspective about life. A single mother will be in a position to understand you better.

    She is also less likely to air your dirty linen in public if things go south between you because drama is not something she's very keen on having in her life.

    2. Financially independent

    A single mother most probably has her finances in place owing to the fact that she already has responsibilities on her way.

    Most single mothers juggle between 8-5 jobs and side hustles to ensure their kids never lack.

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    3. More instinctive

    The instinctive nature of a mother will be eminent in all her other relationships.

    She will be more caring, more sensitive and more concerned about your welfare unlike the single ladies without kids who will wait for you to show concern.

    They will have hunches when you are about to get in trouble thus warning you beforehand.

    4. Selfless

    Raising a child teaches you to be patient and selfless. A single mother will ensure that your needs as her partner are met despite having to juggle between her kid and you.

    She will even offer to help you facilitate some bills. On the other hand, a single lady without a child will only stay in the relationship if you prove to be beneficial to her, especially financially.

    5. Have fewer demands than single ladies

    Unlike other ladies who will mostly nag their partners to chip into their desired lavish lifestyle, a single mother won't make absurd demands because they can facilitate their own lifestyles.

    They are also busy hence have little time at their disposal to keep nagging you about ditching your plans with the boys over beers and a football match to spend time with them.

    6. Proof they are fertile

    Nowadays, men argue that they would rather settle down with women who already have kids because they are assured that the women are fertile enough to bear them kids.

    The concern comes from the growing rate of women developing complications due to unhealthy lifestyles.

    7. Good cooks

    Unlike other single ladies who will brag about not knowing how to cook thus requiring you to order takeout food every time you are with them, single mothers are the best cooks.

    They, hence, will always have hearty home-cooked meals and a hidden stash of snacks in their house waiting for you whenever you drop by.

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    8. She’ll elevate you instead of pulling you down

    A single mother already has a defined meaning to her life. She is constantly improving herself to be her best version because she is a role model for her kid. To date her, you will have to keep up.

    9. They are loyal

    Single mothers have no time to jump from one man to another. They want something solid and so will most likely not cheat on you making them ideal partners.

    A single mother will hold you down when things are not looking up for you because well, she understands all too well how it feels to be left alone.

    10. Understand their way around the sack

    Most men will definitely agree that single mothers are feisty in bed because they know what they want and what turns them on.

    They will also not shy away from dictating how they want their food in the bedroom cooked and served.

    They have hidden tricks down their sleeves making you keep yearning for the next time you are with them.