CS Sicily Kariuki Lifts Ban on Marie Stopes’ Post Abortion Care Services

  • Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki on Thursday lifted the ban on Marie Stopes Clinics’ post abortion care services.

    The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board had in November banned Marie Stopes from conducting abortions in Kenya.

    Setting conditions as the ban was lifted, Kariuki directed Marie Stopes to submit a letter of commitment to the board pledging that they would not carry out any abortion on demand. 

    The statement asserted that the clinics must adhere to the Constitution which makes abortion illegal unless the mother’s life is in danger or there is need for emergency treatment. 

    Kariuki asserted that Marie Stopes would remain under close surveillance by the Medical Board to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. 

    The decision to lift the ban was taken after review of several files and inspections to ensure compliance with the law. 

    Kariuki emphasized that all health service providers had to adhere to the regulations. 

    A petition by Thomas Ireri and Anne Kioko of CitizenGo Africa over advertisements by Marie Stopes on various radio stations led to the case. 

    The petitioners noted that the advertisements had since been banned by the Kenya Film Classification Board. 

    The initial ban sharply divided public opinion with a section of Kenyans backing it as others vehemently opposed.