CS Amina Mohamed Issues Warning Over Form One Admission

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  • Education CS Amina Mohamed on Wednesday issued a warning to school principals over Form One admissions.

    The Cabinet Secretary stated that students would no longer obtain admission letters directly from school principals due to the adoption of the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS).

    “Schools must admit students only through NEMIS, no school should violate the ministry guidelines,” she stated adding that direct issuance of admission letters was illegal.

    CS Amina further warned that those who would obtain the letters directly would not be captured in NEMIS and would be deemed not to have joined secondary schools.

    Education CS Amina Mohamed

    She, however, noted that any change of schools would be sanctioned by the Ministry.

    All schools, public and private, are expected to admit via the system with Amina explaining, "This way, we will get real-time information for the students as they report.

    “Students without Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) numbers will be expected to be issued with the same as soon as possible and not later than one month. Since enrolment data is from the system, schools are informed that the process should not be circumvented at all,” she conveyed.

    Echoing the sentiments, Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang' stated that letters which will not have been downloaded from the Ministry's website will be illegal.

    “Only letters that have been downloaded from the admissions website are valid,” the PS stated.​​​​

    The students are expected to start reporting from January 7 to January 11.

    Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang