World’s First Plastic Boat Flip-Flopi to Sail 500KM From Kenya to Zanzibar

The world’s first plastic boat Flip Flopi is expected to make its maiden 500km trip to Zanzibar.

The boat, which was entirely made using plastic trash, is expected to make stops along the way in an attempt to raise awareness over plastic garbage reuse.

Nine African countries have since signed to be part of the campaign to tackle marine corruption.

The boat was launched in 2018 and received acclaim from the United Nations and has partnered with the body in the fight against marine plastic pollution.

The Flip-Flopi is living proof that we can live differently. It is a reminder of the urgent need for us to rethink the way we manufacture, use and manage single-use plastic,” stated Joyce Msuya, the Acting Executive Director of UN Environment.

The dhow, developed by a Kenyan carpenter, was the first ever created and it measures 11 meters long and was made from 50 tonnes of plastic.

The carpenter was in 2018 recognised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) who described his creation as a lesson to be emulated by the rest of the world.

According to Skanda, the waste was melted and poured into the hollow section of the dhow.

In an effort to make the boat bright and beautiful, some 20,000 flip-flops were then glued to the outer side hence the name of the project.

“We hope people around the globe are inspired by our beautiful multicoloured boat and find their own ways to re-purpose already-used plastics,” remarked the Flip-Flopi founder.

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