Terrorists at Dusit D2 Hotel Attack at Riverside Killed

In a televised address, President Uhuru Kenyatta has confirmed that all terrorists in 14 Riverside and Dusit D2 Hotel attack had been neutralized.

The President added that 14 innocent people had been killed in the terror attack with others sustaining injuries.

Specialized Security Forces leading the operation at Dusit D2 Hotel, at 14 Riverside, Nairobi managed to gun down the attackers who reported holed on the 7th floor of the facility.

Graphic photos seen by Kenyans.co.ke showed at least two of the attackers captured on CCTV camera dead.

Their lifeless, bullet-riddled bodies were seen lying next to several spent cartridges.

There were also bullet holes on the walls of the room where the terrorists were gunned down.

Uhuru equally commended Kenyans for offering moral support to the affected and also for holding to account those spreading malicious content on 14 Riverside attack.

"Kenyans showed the world the best part of us: Brave, patriotic, loving and unbowed," the President stated.

"I assure fellow Kenyans and our visitors that you are safe in Kenya. Inform the police and any authority of any suspicious individuals. We can never take anything fro granted, we shall continue the never ending work of strengthening our systems," he added.

The Head of State further promised to follow up all those involved in planning and executing the attack in any way.

"No one should doubt our resolve to maintain security in our country, our determination is unswerving. We have prevailed and shall always prevail over evil.

"Let us now go to work without fear and continue with our work of building our nation," the President assured the country.


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