Inside Special Forces' Plan to Take Over Dusit Complex

  • Special forces arrive Dusit Hotel office park Daily Nation
  • It took the efforts of Special Forces, military and police officers to neutralise attackers who had unleashed terror at Dusit D2 hotel on Tuesday.

    National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC) directed Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet and his deputy for Administration Police, Noor Gabow, to stay in their offices and update the media regularly on the progress.

    At the time, the top security organ continued to monitor the situation from Harambee House.

    DCI boss George Kinoti at the Dusit complex

    Boinnet's deputy, Njoroge Mbugua, and Directorate of Criminal Investigations head George Kinoti were told to head to Dusit D2.

    General Service Unit Commandant Douglas Kanja was dispatched to the scene to be the overall commander of the operation.

    By 5pm, the multi-agency team was on the ground pushing the terrorists to the upper floors of the hotel.

    At about 4am Wednesday morning, the team was given an order to end the siege.

    Two of the terrorists were blown up using high-calibre weapons by marksmen who had their sights on them.

    At about 7am, two other attackers were killed.

    Photo of an attacker during the Dusit Attack

    Security personnel recovered 200 bullets and 8 grenades from the latter.

    NSAC members drove to State House at about 9am for a National Security Council meeting with the President and briefed him on the developments.

    Police officers engaged the terrorist for not less than 12 hours and managed to rescue more 700 civilians.

    Events at Dusit Hotel and office complex.