CS Amina Mohamed Allows Rastafarian Girl Back to Olympic High School

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  • Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, on Thursday, directed that a rastafarian girl, Makeda Ndinda, suspended from Olympic High school over dreadlocks, be re-admitted.

    According to media reports, the CS made the decision explaining that the girl was entitled to an education.

    She further referenced to a court ruling that had allowed Muslim students to attend schools with hijabs and scarves since it was their religion’s requirement.

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    Olympic High School sent the girl away claiming that it would only admit her if she shaved her dreadlocks.

    The school’s decision, however, did not sit well with her father who then pressed charges stating that the dreadlocks represented their religion.

    The father, John Mwenda, through his lawyer, Shadrack Wambui, accused the school of denying the girl her right to education hence fostering discrimination.

    He claimed that the student had gone through primary school with the dreads intact.

    The case caught the eye of former presidential aspirant Ekuru Aukot who claimed that by the school’s action, it had discriminated against the student.

    I do not understand why a public institution would discriminate against a child. There are Akorinos, Sikhs and Muslims who are allowed in school,” stated Aukot.

    Mwenda is seeking for her daughter to be compensated over the violation.

    Former presidential aspirant Ekuru Aukot and the Student Makeda Ndinda