Nairobi Teacher Arrested After Kidnapping Student for Whole Term

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  • Evelyn Awuor Omolo, a teacher who broke the limelight for allegedly converting a Muslim student to her religion and later kidnapping her has been arraigned in court.

    Awuor was arrested after it was reported that she had been holding the girl in her Huruma house, causing her to miss school for the whole of her third term of 2018.

    According to Micheal Mulee, the Investigation Officer in charge of the case, Khadija Mohammed, the missing girl, was found at Awuor’s house where she had been staying.

    Evelyn Awuor at the Makadara Law Courts

    He also told the court that Awuor had transferred Khadija to three schools since she went missing from the Angels of Mercy School.

    In her defence, Awuor claimed that she was just being a good Samaritan after the girl reported that her family was mistreating her.

    “I was a good Samaritan to the girl after we met at the school where I was teaching. The girl had physical pain requiring medication and I offered to help,” Awuor argued

    According to Khadija’s guardians, she had informed them that she won a scholarship to complete her secondary school before she disappeared.

    It is reported that Awuor left the Angels of Mercy school the same time Khadija, a student of the school disappeared.

    She would then join Eastmatt Secondary School and once the guardians went to probe about their daughter's whereabouts, Awuor denied any knowledge of her.

    Awuor never reported for work the next day.

    She was released on a cash bail of Kshs 20,000 after she pledged to co-operate with the court.

    The next hearing was set for January 22, 2019.

    Khadija Mohammed's Grandfather