Dusit D2 Hotel CCTV Operator Among 21 Killed at Riverside Attack

  • The scene of the Terror attack that occurred to 15/1/2019. Twitter
  • A CCTV camera operator was among 21 people who perished when Al-Shabaab operatives opened fire at Dusit D2 hotel in Riverside, Nairobi.

    Dedrick Limisi was reportedly caught in the crossfire while he was helping colleagues escape the siege.

    His father, Zachariah Amusala, revealed that he had remained as the sole breadwinner for his family since Limisi was the only other provider.

    His first-born son passed on in August 2018 while his only daughter had died in 2007.

    Dedrick Limisi's father Zachariah Amusala

    He is gone forever. I have seen his body and yes, he’s dead.

    Where do I start? I am old and I don’t have resources to feed and educate their children. Where do I get help from?” he paused.

    Amusala was, however, proud that his son had perished while doing something noble calling on the state to honour all the victims.

    My son is a hero. He died saving people’s lives. What is the government going to do about such heroes like my son?” he questioned.

    Limisi's widow, Mildred Limisi, who was in the company of her father-in-law, was lost for words stating that only God understood her pain.

    Four staff members at Dusit D2 Hotel died in the terror attack while three others were injured.

    The hotel has since suspended its operations awaiting probe.

    Authorities have reported that 21 people succumbed while several others were injured in the operation that lasted for close to 20 hours.

    A suspected assailant in the Riverside attack.