Tracy Wanjiru Narrates Cutting Riverside Terrorists Hair 15 Minutes Before Attack

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  • A survivor of the Dusit D2 hotel in Riverside attack has narrated cutting the Al-Shabaab militants hair just 15 minutes to the explosion.

    Tracy Wanjiru, who also survived the Westgate attack, recalled that the terrorists seemed anxious at the time she was offering them the service.

    She further divulged that three of the members were arrogant and in deep conversations.

     They were bossy and could not follow instructions. But then I thought the customer is always right,”  stated Wanjiru.

    Tracy Wanjiru (Facebook Page)

    She further divulged that the terrorists paid in dollars and hurriedly left her shop.

    Shortly after, she heard the explosion go off and peeping through the window, she saw human body parts fly in the air.

    She was so traumatised and what she could think at that time was how death had finally caught up with her.

    She informed a co-worker and a client that they were under attack before they quickly rushed to the massage room and locked themselves there for an hour before the police rescued them.

    In comparison, however, Wanjiru revealed that the Dusit attack was worse than that of Westgate as she was closer to the attackers this time around.

    At Westgate, she disclosed that the Al-Shabaab militants abruptly stormed the mall and immediately commenced hurling grenades to everyone.

    She was six months pregnant at the time but was fairly located away from the scene of active crime at the mall.

    Wanjiru was a salon manager at the Dusit Complex.

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