Dennis Itumbi, Donald Kipkorir Trade Insults Over Riverside Attack

  • Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi and Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Facebook
  • An online debate between digital strategist Dennis Itumbi and city lawyer Donald Kipkorir degenerated into a war of words after they failed to reach a conclusion. 

    The lawyer posted that the move by the Media Council of Kenya threatening to revoke the work permits of New York Times journalists over an article about the Riverside attack was ridiculous. 

    He argued that Kenya did not have a vantage point to make such threats. 

    Lawyer Donald Kipkorir

    "In threatening The New York Times, Media Council Of Kenya is engaging in puerile stands. It’s like Kenya threatening US or Burundi threatening France. Some threats are just stupid! NYT apologized. The Owner of NYT is as rich as Kenya. We should look for our playmates," read his post. 

    Itumbi responded by explaining Donald's double standards, in that he regularly challenged fellow Ahmednasir Abdullahi even though the latter was considered superior to Donald. 

    "Ahmednasir is richer than you and handles legal briefs of higher stature than you. He did not steal from the defunct Kenya Post and Telecommunication either. But when he tweets something you disagree with you tweet back his wealth notwithstanding!" rebutted Itumbi. 

    Donald described Itumbi's response as malicious because the advocate declined Itumbi's friendship. 

    1. Your malevolence against me is because I’ve refused to be your friend.
    2. Ahmednasir is my Friend.
    3. I’ve never taken handouts.
    4. I’ve never stolen .. Will never steal.
    5. You will never amount to anything in life .. you will always be an errand boy & a Media terrorist." read Donald's post. 

    He went on to attack the State House's Secretary for Digital, Innovations and Diaspora Communications by telling him that he would never amount to anything in life. 

    Speaking about theft, Itumbi reminded the lawyer of a case where he was ordered to payback Kshs16 Million which he had solicited from the defunct Postal Corporation. 

    "Digging my past that is closed may give you psychedelic joy but have no debts whatsoever. You have blood on your hands and one day, you will be held to account. You may have false immunity now, but your day for Justice is nigh," answered back Donald. 

    Itumbi then pointed out that the legal practitioner was clutching on non-existent straws when evidence was tabled against his theft claims. 

    The exchange of words prompted the intervention of former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo who asked them to stop the continued onslaught against each other. 

    Renowned lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, whose name had come up in the disagreement also joined Kabogo and other Kenyans who were pleading with the two individuals to end their confrontation. 

    Follow the argument below: