Raila, Uhuru Congratulate DRC President Elect Felix Tshisekedi

  • A message by ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga on Sunday evening caught a section of Kenyans by surprise.

    Raila who was appointed as an African Union envoy in October 2018 took to Twitter congratulating Congo's President elect Felix Tshisekedi on his victory.

    "I wish him all the best as he embarks on the difficult task of putting the DRC on the path of democracy, unity and prosperity," Raila stated.

    What appeared to surprise many, however, is the fact that despite what was largely a disputed election, Raila exuded confidence on its fairness.

    "The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo spoke in the December 2018 elections. Their choices were affirmed by the relevant institutions namely the Electoral Commission and the Supreme Court," he stated.

    Raila went ahead to congratulate outgoing President Joseph Kabila "for presiding over the very first peaceful transfer of power in the DRC since independence. Congo's success is Africa's success. Long Live Africa", he added.

    However, many netizens could not believe that the Opposition chief who has in the past cried foul after his election victory was allegedly denied through the same systems he was praising - including the courts.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta equally congratulated DRC President elect Felix Tshisekedi on his victory in the General Elections.

    Uhuru termed Tshisekedi's victory as a portrayal of the confidence of the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the President elect's ideals, leadership and vision for the future.

    "I look forward to working closely with you to strengthen and deepen the long-standing cordial relations between our two countries and peoples," he added.

    His sentiments equally did not attract positive reactions with many noting that the AU and the Catholic Church appeared to differ the official results.