Doctors Complete 1st Stem Cell Transplant of the Eye in Kenya

  • Susan Muthoni after the Treatment The Standard
  • The Healthcare industry in Kenya has experienced tremendous growth and development leading to high levels of practice of technological treatments as witnessed recently.

    A recent and first technological treatment procedure involving stem cell transplant for the eye, a highly technical procedure, was successful.

    The team of medical specialists that conducted the operation was led by one Mukesh Joshi and conducted the entire process in just under three hours.

    Dr. Mukesh attending to a Patient

    Speaking of his professional experience, Joshi had a few words to say about the medical intervention. He indicated, “It was smooth but technically challenging.”

    The patient, Susan Muthoni, made history after being the recipient of the first treatment of the kind not only in Kenya but the larger East Africa Region.

    Muthoni regained her sight- being able to see with the normal 20/20 vision by the function of the first stem cell transplant of the eye in East Africa.

    A look into the background of the patient shows that the patient had normal sight while in high school but her eyes were damaged in a laboratory accident, in 2013, when chemicals spilled onto her face.

    As for the outcome, her left eye became partially blind while the right one went completely blind.

    For purposes of continuing her studies, the special eyesight-enhancing glasses became a necessity for the young lady.

    The quest for Muthoni to regain her eyesight was seemingly unachievable and too expensive.

    In an interview with The Standard, Muthoni indicated, “I went to Kikuyu Eye Hospital but the doctors said there was not much they could do except give me the enhancing glasses.”

    She resolved to travel to India to seek treatment options as a last resort but was advised to get the same in Kenya by a family friend.  

    The friend informed Muthoni of a clinic based in Westlands, Nairobi. Little did she know that the procedure would be successful and she would be going down in the nation's history books.

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