Police Issue Update on Latema Road IED Explosion

  • Police on Sunday issued a new alert after an improvised explosive device (IED) went off near Odeon Cinema, Nairobi.

    Through their official Twitter handle, the National Police Service (NPS) cautioned all citizens to step up their levels of alertness regarding their surroundings and report promptly to the Police or other security agencies should they see anything out of the ordinary for quick attention.

    "We further advise that all Hotel operators must obtain full details of their lodgers and restaurant operators must also step up their levels of alertness and security in their establishments," the statement read.

    The police further advised PSV operators to monitor the behaviour of their passengers and be wary of persons who may board with luggage and thereafter attempt to alight without the baggage - a strategy commonly used by terrorists in attacking commuters.

    "We are also calling on shopping mall operators as well as ushers at all houses of worship, educational institutions, and all other public places to frisk all persons entering their premises and promptly notify the Police should they detect anything unusual for action," the police added.

    Besides, the police indicated that they have stepped up their alertness on the highways.

    "We wish to inform the public that investigations that will help in identifying those who may have been involved in the explosion that occurred along Latema Road, Nairobi, including reviewing CCTV camera footage are ongoing.

    The police also requested Kenyans to refrain from profiling any sections of our population or engaging in any unlawful acts that could lead to a breach of the peace.

    "We appeal to the public to support the security agencies to deal with these threats by providing information, exercise higher levels of awareness of their surroundings and to go about their business without fear.

    "We also continue sensitising our Commanders on the correct mode of public communications and the importance of keeping the country informed as appropriate, on matters of concern to the public," the statement concluded.

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