Sabina Chege Trolled After Launching Wooden Bridge in Murang'a

  • Murang’a Women Representative Sabina Chege found herself being ridiculed by her supporters and citizens after she launched a makeshift wooden bridge on Thursday, January 31.

    Kenyans descended on the politician with strong messages of ridicule on social media as soon as she posted the photos of the initiative in Kiwanduma village, Murang’a County.

    The development aimed to help area residents, and more importantly school children that have to cross a risky-looking river every day.

    According to the legislator, the school going children and residents are at times forced to swim across the river. In rainy seasons, they have to walk for considerably long distances just to get around the river.

    However, netizens on social media could not take any positives from the initiative and were largely unimpressed by the state of the makeshift bridge.

    Many faulted the structure and termed it as substandard, implying that the county representative could have done better if she was determined to help the people.

    Apparently, those contributing seemed to have a strong sense of unanimous agreement on the subject matter. They could not help but wonder why the bridge could not be constructed in a modern way making use of mortar and steel bars.

    The following are pictures taken at the scene

    Sabina is not the first politician to be on the receiving end of heavy criticism and ridicule from citizens for engaging in projects that are not only considered substandard but also miniature for leaders in their positions and stature.

    In 2017, Nyeri senate aspirant Ephraim Maina was mocked when he landed in Kabaru in Kieni East in a chopper only to launch a makeshift bridge costing approximately Ksh 7,800.

    The following are some reactions from Facebook.