Gang Selling Kenyan Passports for Kshs 50,000 Unearthed

  • An undercover investigation has exposed a notorious gang that is making a killing in the United Kingdom from selling Kenyan passports to illegal immigrants.

    For just Kshs 50,000, one is able to acquire crucial documents that enable them to live and work in the UK.

    The documents include a Kenyan passport, residency permit, National Insurance letter and utility bills.

    A reporter from a UK publication, whose name has been withheld, visited an office that is associated with the criminals while posing as an illegal immigrant.

    He was then introduced to one Julius Muturi who gave him the details of acquiring the fake documents.

    It costs between Sh50,000 to Sh60,000 to get the papers,” Muturi explained to him.

    The journalist was then handed a form and asked to input his details, including his name and age.

    After finishing, he was given the names of two men who would arrange the false documents.

    Weeks later, a new passport under the name James Nakhuba was delivered in the UK from Kenya.

    The fake Kenyan passport, which is valid until 2022, suggests that the holder hails from Kakamega County.

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