8 Kenyan Celebrities Who Were Street Kids

  • Among the many sophisticated celebrities in Kenya, there are some who grew up as hopeless street urchins who associated themselves with petty crimes and drug abuse.

    Nevertheless, these celebrities managed to turn their lives around after getting help and have become a living proof that anything in life is possible.


    The former street boy whose real name is James Kimani rose to fame after he was caught on a viral video explaining to journalists how a mutura vendor in Ngara was killed and framed by the cops.

    His popularity grew massively after a video of him giving his account of what happened at the scene went viral and ended up being used by DJs and artistes in their contents.

    Bonoko is now a successful radio presenter at Ghetto Radio and has big dreams for his foundation where he helps other street children to reform.

    Annitah Raey

    The former Radio Jambo presenter has always been open about her past life. In a past interview, she described how her harsh mother caused her to become rebellious.

    She revealed that she ran from home at age 13 and started living in the streets with all sorts of people.

    “Those were my friends. They used to treat me like I am the baby in their crew. You are the one who carried the drugs for them,” she narrated.

    She also revealed how she was hit by a car along Moi Avenue and became unconscious. Two random guys later dragged her to Jevanjee garden and raped her.


    MCA Tricky

    A comedian and self-proclaimed Member of Chokora Assembly, Tricky joined the streets at the tender age of 12. He revealed in a past interview that his peers had convinced him to accompany them to Nairobi in search of greener pastures without the knowledge of his parents.


    The controversial gospel singer was forced to flee to the streets because his family allegedly rejected him. He was later rescued by a good Samaritan.

    Guardian Angel

    The gospel singer grew up in the streets with his single mother.

    He narrated in a past interview that he nearly lost his life after he was poisoned by a woman who had sheltered his mother and him but later became tired of hosting them.

    Papa Dennis

    The flamboyant gospel singer also tasted the rough life of the streets.

    In past interviews, Papa Dennis revealed that his parents passed away when he was very young and in class eight, leaving behind three children.

    With no one to support or care for them, Dennis had to turn to the streets to fend for himself and his siblings.


    His mother died when he was young and was forced to the streets where growing up was tough.  He later went to ABC orphanage in Mathare slums and from there, he was nurtured into the man he is today.

    Terrence Macharia

    The Radio Jambo presenter and comedian explained that he started living in the streets at age nine after his mother died.

    “Life was not easy in the street. I became a drug peddler, that is how I made my money. I even used to fake disability and pretend to be a disabled child just to get money. I mean, life there was not a joke. It was so tough," he recounted.

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