Fire Breaks Out at Kibagare, Kangemi

  • A huge inferno broke out in Nairobi's satellite town of Kangemi in the late hours of Tuesday evening.

    According to sources, the fire started at Kibagare slum near the flyover on the Loresho side.

    The cause of the inferno is yet to be established.

    Residents reached out to various leaders in an effort to hasten efforts to put out the fire. 

    Additional reports revealed that the fire had engulfed Sodom area in Kangemi.

    Sources revealed that dozens of properties had been razed to the ground. 

    Latest reports indicated that the fire fighters successfully contained the inferno, with zero reported casualties. 

    A similar fire broke out in September 2018, within the same area.

    The inferno at Kibagare Slum, Kangemi
    The inferno at Kibagare Slum, Kangemi
    Raging fire in Kangemi