Police Launch Manhunt for Billionaires Behind Africa's Tallest Building

  • The High Court has issued a warrant of arrest for two billionaires behind the construction of what will be Africa's tallest building. 

    Poosapati Ramachandra Raju Sita and Mohamud Mahat Noor who are among the proprietors of Pinnacle Towers, Upperhill, are wanted for contempt of court. 

    Justice Samson Okong'o issued the warrant on Wednesday for failing to appear in court to plead a lighter sentence after they were found guilty of violating another set of court orders issued in 2017. 

    Mahat Mohamud Noor showing off a model of the Pinnacle Towers

    In December 2018, the court had found the Dubai-based duo in contempt of 2017 court orders for proceeding with the construction of the towers.

    "Sita and Noor are in contempt of the orders issued on October 9 and 16, 2017. They have continued to enter and use the suit
    property despite express court orders prohibiting them from doing so," Justice Okong'o ruled in December.

    Noor had explained that the court orders directed the parties to maintain the status quo, arguing that it could have been interpreted to mean construction could continue.

    Ugandan tycoon James Mugoya had filed a case, claiming to own part of the land the property is being built on. 

    If completed, the tower is expected to house the five star Hilton Hotel which will take up 45 out of 70 floors.

    In 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta laid the foundation stone of the Upper Hill property which is expected to be completed in 2020. 

    A view of the construction site of The Pinnacle in Upperhill, soon-to-be Africa’s tallest building.